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STR 581 Week 6 Individual Strategic Plan Update Final Implementation Plan




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Implementation Plan
STR 581 Week 6 Individual Strategic Plan
Update Final Implementation Plan
STR/581 Strategic Planning & Implementation
Cintas Corporation is an organization with a highly integrated intelligence
network. Cintas highly integrated network consist of 30,000 employees
worldwide. Cintas Corporation initially focused all its operations on uniform
management but in modern times it additionally designs, manufacturers and
implements corporate identity uniform programs, mats, bathroom supplies,
promo products, fire protection, document management, first aid and safety for
close to one million businesses. Cintas operates more than 430 facilities,
including eight distribution hubs and six manufacturing plants. Cintas is a
billion dollar revenue organization.
Cintas has many competitors worldwide. Cintas operates with a unique
approach to intelligence. It operates with a one-man intelligence team. Each
employee at Cintas can make a significant impact with this one-man approach.
Cintas relies on all of its 30,000 employees with this model. Internal market
intelligence sales network model:
* Quickly identify new business opportunities
* Develop local tactics to attack/defend against the competition
* Develop local competitive binders
* Establish best practice sharing among regions
* Greater competitive visibility at corporate level

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“Our intelligence function is neither centralized nor decentralized. I guess the
best way to describe it is that it is integrated. Everybody is aware of the
intelligence function and the benefits it brings. As a result, everyone - from
sales, operations, supply chain and research and development to finance and
accounting - wants to participate in the intelligence process. They are involved
in the consumption, collection and analysis process. All the different touch
points in our business provide the information and analysis we need. That has
worked well for us. In my experience, the best individuals that know what
information to collect and how to properly analyze it are those who will
ultimately act on the intelligence that is created,” said Troy Pfeffer. “And to
ensure that the most relevant information is filtered up to the corporate level,
sales managers at various levels help to decide what is relevant for distribution.”
Key principles that are central to the success of Cintas intelligence systems are
integration, transparency, collaboration, fluidity, and internal funding by all its
“All information is transparent and most information is available via self-
service. We have a unique way of funding: if you want customized information
you’ll need to pay for it. This makes me a sales man, which is quite handy in a
business to business company with a focus on sales,” said Pfeffer.
An example of Cintas illustrating these principles, Pfeffer tells of a story where
a Cintas employer noticed a product being test marketed by its competition and
instead of Cintas respecting this product in its early marketing stages, they
snapped a picture with a cell phone and loaded it up on the company’s
intelligence portal. They simply stole the idea and were able to enter market
with this new highly attractive product within 30 days. This one-man approach
is very effective by managing internal intelligence and simple entrepreneurship.
Cintas Corporation intelligence tools are categorized with a two-step approach.
This two-step approach is how to attack and how to defend accounts. Some
support tools Cintas uses to attack new accounts and defend accounts include:
1. Outsourced sales leads generation intelligence collected ranges from
prospects, to vital information about the company’s business plan
2. Request for proposal at Cintas informs the sales team on how to position their
products against the competition.

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