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STR 581 Week 4 External and Internal Environmental Analysis VIZIO Inc

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STR 581 Week 4
External and Internal Environmental Analysis
External and Internal Environmental Analysis
“VIZIO, Inc. was founded in 2002 by William Wang with the idea that
everyone deserves to own the latest technology”, VIZIO started out
providing consulting services for Gateway computers with three
employees, today there are over 160 employees, do to outsourcing a
majority of the work. VIZIO is “still hard at work taking entertainment
freedom by storm”, through adding computers, tablets, and Apps (VIZIO,
2012 para.1).
There are various external issues that can persuade VIZIO to make the
high-quality decisions in order to select a course of action, which will
have an effect on the company’s internal structure. The external
environment factors are influenced by one another they are: remote,
industry, and operating environment. In a competition situation, these
unified features summarize the core of the prospects and threats that
VIZIO confronts.
In order to track marketing prospects, VIZIO inc. should in addition be
conscious of its own internal assets, qualifications, and skills. A method
commonly applied by administrators or supervisors is the SWOT
analysis denotes the internal Strengths and Weaknesses of an individual
business and the environmental opportunities and threats a business
confronts. This advance assists managers to consider VIZIO’s internal
capabilities, while making use of the findings to enhance the strategic
Internal Environment

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VIZIO has various advantages compared to their competition in
comprehending and meeting the wants and desires of their customers.
VIZIO’s numerous features of their products that continue to increase the
values of their products and services, while continuing to build the
companies internal strengths.
• Cost advantage
• Effective communication
• Loyal customers
• Market share leadership
• Reputation management
• Low market share
• Poor supply chain
External Environment
The external environment involves three factors: industry, operating, and
remote environment. The industry environment is the wide-ranging
provisions for opposition which impacts every business that provides
comparable products and services (Pearce and Robinson, 2011). Since
Toshiba and Samsung provide similar products and services; they are a
competitive threat for VIZIO and an industry concern. Along with Toshiba
and Samsung, in addition, the operating environment, also known as the
competitive or task environment, including influences in the competitive
position that have an effect on a companies success in obtaining needed
assets or in beneficially promoting and selling their products and
services (Pearce and Robinson, 2011).
The operating environment factors are: competitive position, customer
profiles, suppliers, creditors and the labor market. VIZIO’s operating
issues are the base of commercials, the design of the commercials,
reduction of advertisement resources of customers, and more influence
on the baby boomer generation in assessment of other businesses that
do not rely on this demographic group. Moreover, the remote
environment consists of: economic, social, political, technological, and

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ecological factors. Economically, even in a period of recession VIZIO is
in a good position. VIZIO’s focuses on vastly objectives, considerable
advertising creates an extra protection from an economy decline than
many other companies in technology.
Socially, VIZIO makes purchasing computers, flat screen televisions, and
tablets easier through the internet as many individuals can navigate the
internet to compare prices has increased amongst every age group and
all ethnicities; and while becoming progressively more reliant on internet
searches. In the competitive environment, these unified factors
summarize the core of the opportunities and threats that VIZIO faces.
Asset leverage
• Financial markets
• Emerging markets and expansion abroad
• Expanding Products and services
• Takeovers
• Competition
An advantage for VIZIO would be to merge with mass-market portal
since this will aid in securing its users and marketers though it is not
recommended for due to the disadvantage of harming its independent
growth. With this being said, VIZIO has great technology and an
administrative team that characterize roughly the most experienced
technology specialist in the business and they use this to their
advantage in providing users with feasibility in search option. In
conclusion, VIZIO should focus on continuously updating the technology
and services and should meet their user’s expectancy in order to provide
the best electronic devices at the most affordable prices.

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