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Str 581 Week 2 Research Proposal

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Str 581 Week 2 Research Proposal
Week 2 – Research Proposal
* Validating the Organizational Vision, Mission, and Values Statements
* Validation of the organization’s vision, mission statement, and values
statements is an ongoing process. At a minimum, annual reviews should be
accomplished to ensure the accurately reflect the direction laid out in our
company’s current strategic plan. Our mission statement should provide a
general description of our fundamental reason for being and the functional role
that our organization plays in our competitive environment (Mintzberg, Lampel,
Quinn, & Goshal, 2003). All will be reviewed to certify that they accurately
reflect our current status, competencies, and future direction as well. A focus
group representing a cross section of employees will be convened to review
these statements, with final approval for changes coming from the executive
* External Environmental Analysis
By conducting an external analysis, my goal is to identify the critical threats and
opportunities in my company’s particular competitive environment. To a firm
seeking a competitive advantage, an environmental threat is any individual,
group, or organization outside the firm that seeks to reduce the level of that
firm’s performance. Threats can increase a firm’s costs, decrease the willingness
of a firm’s customers to pay, or in other ways reduce a firm’s performance
(Pearce & Robinson, 2011).
A considerable amount of collected works on techniques for and approaches to
conducting an external analysis has evolved over the last several years.

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Therefore, I will examine how competition in this environment is likely to
evolve and what implications that evolution may have for present and future
threats and opportunities I am likely to face. To accomplish this, I will gather all
of the competitive intelligence about the most important external factors, to
include economic, social, cultural, demographic, environmental, political,
governmental, legal, regulatory, and technological.
My external environmental analysis will include a review of industry and
competitors’ data, websites, and printed literature, to include:
* Financial statements and documentation
* Visions, mission, and values statements
* Claimed successes and best practices
* Technological advancements
* Industry news and advancements
* Emerging and fading trends
Internal Environmental Analysis
Whereas external analysis focuses on the environmental threats and
opportunities facing a firm, an internal analysis will assist my company in
identifying our organizational strengths and weaknesses (Pearce & Robinson,
2011). Additionally, I will better understand which of resources and capabilities
are likely to be sources of advantage and which are less likely to be sources of
advantages. Finally, I’ll use the internal analysis to identify that may require
improvement and change.
I will use the following to conduct an internal analysis:
* Financial statements and documentation
* Visions, mission, and values statements to ensure they accurately reflect
current our current direction
* Current capabilities and product offerings, for possible areas of competitive
* Core competencies
* Resources - people and technology

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