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Unsatisfactory Customer Experience Worksheet

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MGMT 3060 - Fall 2020 Homework – 1 Student Name: Yasmin Valencia Valencia Date: February 11, 2021 Questions 1. Describe a customer experience you have personally encountered where the good or service or both were unsatisfactory (e.g., defective product, errors, mistakes, poor service, service upsets, etc.). How might the organization have handled it better, and how could operations management have helped? Answer 1: Generally, brands and large corporations are obligated to provide excellent service and goods to their customers. As a priority, it is important to obtain a positive customer service experience, since it brings customer loyalty, and satisfies their needs and wants. Although this is their priority, sometimes some errors may occur, some being poor services and goods, which leads to customer unsatisfactory. A customer experience that I encountered where the good and service were unsatisfactory, was when I bought an air mattress. After I received the product, I found it was defective. The air mattress failed to inflate, causing it to be an overall malfunction. To end things off, the product came almost a week late, despite purchasing the “2 day-shipping”. I then decided to drive to the nearest store and return the item. I drove for nearly an hour, and the department of customer service was closed since they close at 6 o'clock. Unfortunately, I was unable to return the product, which was very troublesome. In my case, the company could have handled it better by h ...
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