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Str 581 code of ethics is Verizon






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Str 581
Week 2
Business ethics is extremely crucial to the make up of any company.
Business and management ethics goes beyond the law lo provide
guidelines as to what is acceptable behavior in business transactions.
Organizations that are committed to long term success recognize and
realize that creating a culture where ethical behaviors are rewarded and
encouraged is the ultimate key to survival today and growth in the future.
While many businesses have codes of ethics, the words written in a
formal code are valuable only if their intent is reflected in the actions of
the people who represent the organization.
The company that I choose for the code of ethics is Verizon:
“We hold our people accountable for acting in accordance with our core
values and making the right decisions. To carry this responsibility, our
people need to know the rules and have the tools and training to act with
integrity. Customers and shareowners need to know that we are
responsive to their concerns and conduct our business in a fair and
transparent way. Our systems must evolve to address emerging issues
in the dynamic online environment in which we operate. And although we
have made significant progress, we recognize that we need to continue
integrating corporate responsibility into our decision-making frameworks
and engaging our stakeholders”.
I agree with this statement, I think this focuses on how to treat the
customer as well as the fellow employee. As a organization I believe that
Verizon recognizes the important of social responsibility as it pertains to
its employees, being on the largest wireless companies in the world, I
also, like that fact that Verizon admits to continuing to make strives to
become responsible for the employee and the customer.

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Verizon Wireless. (2011). Corporate Responsibility. Retrieved from
White, M. (April 2011). The Importance of Business Ethics. Retrieved

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