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Psy 201 Social Development Research




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Social Development Research
The article about social development in adults I found was from the Britannica
Encyclopedia and the name of it is “human behavior”. The excerpt that discusses social
development is located in the table of contents under “Personality and social
development”. The first part of this section describes the article completely. It states that
different theories of personality development suggest that it is an individual, as well as a
social, phenomenon and changes are related to that individual’s biological status and
social context. The article also includes views from Erik Erikson and American
psychologist Daniel J. Levinson. According to Erikson, individuals are confronted by
certain psychological demands at distinct parts of life. The example used is that young
adults are faced with the expectation of getting married and starting a family, middle
adulthood brings the crisis that develops between the sense of generativity and
stagnation, while maturity, or old age, brings the crisis regarding the sense of ego
integrity versus the sense of despair. Daniel Levinson also breaks up adult life, in men,
into five periods called eras that, together, constitute an entire life-cycle structure. These
eras are preadulthood (birth to age 22), early adulthood (age 17 to 45), middle
adulthood (age 40 to 64), late adulthood (age 60 to 85), and late late adulthood (age 80
and over), with each era made up of different developmental periods and transitions.
The article also describes the different transitional stages and includes a study that not
only disagrees with Erikson and Levinson, but provides evidence for both change and
constancy. The end of this section simply lists different studies that also focus on
development, just with different parameters.
The main reason I chose this article was because it seemed to be very credible.
It included information that was both very informative and provided information that
could be checked for accuracy. For that reason, I would definitely use this article to help
write a research paper on the topic. It doesn’t leave much room for arguing because
there are no opinions involved. There is only solid evidence. Another reason I would use
this article is because it also provides information about adulthood along with
adolescence and even childhood which would help show the transitions from each
stage of life. The only drawback is that some of the information contradicts itself,
however, that could prove beneficial when discussing all aspects of the topic in a paper.
human behaviour. (2010). In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved November 14,
2010, from Encyclopædia Britannica Online:

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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.