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Psy 201 Testing a Theory




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Testing a Theory
During my time in the military, I have tested many theories. One of which is when
my friend and I were installing a fluorescent light in our Sergeant’s print shop. The
objective was to install a new fluorescent light kit by splicing into the power source that
was already in use to avoid having to install another switch as well. That way the light
would be on the same switch as the rest. Mounting the troffer, which is the housing for
the bulbs, for the light was simple because it only required taking the tile out of the
ceiling and hanging the troffer on metal wires. The difficult part was splicing into to
current power source to turn the light on. My friend and I thought on different ways that
would make wiring it all up the easiest. Because I knew about electrical wiring and had
some experience, we decided to use the method of trial and error. Basically, he turned
off the power to the room while I cut the wires and added the new light. Then when I
was finished, he turned the power back on, flipped the switch, and that’s how we tested
if it was right. If it didn’t turn on, we knew that it was wrong and we would start over
using a different power wire. I think that would be the most similar to experimental
research by conducting an experiment. It was a hands-on method that used the ground
wire as the constant, or dependent variable, the power wires as the variable, and
changing the wires as experimental manipulation to determine which wire was correct. If
I were given another opportunity to install that light, I would try to find a wiring diagram
for that building before we started. It wasn’t until after three hours of aggravation and
frustration that we finished and then our Lieutenant came in suggesting that we
should’ve used the diagram to find the correct wire.

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