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Psy 201 Testing Intelligence




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Testing Intelligence
I have to admit that I had mixed feelings about the results. On one hand I was
surprised that I only answered one question wrong out of 22 and my overall grade was
above average. Everyone loves to think that they are a genius, but in reality there is a
level that most people rate themselves and mine was a little lower than the results
showed. On the other hand, I wasn’t too blown away because while my score was a
115, it was at the low side of “above average” and the average score is 100. Just one
point could have put me in the average range. It may be because I’m not very familiar
with IQ scores, but in my opinion, a 15 point difference doesn’t seem to be very
I don’t feel as if the test was biased in any way, however, I think the scoring
should be different. The fact that the unanswered questions were considered wrong
doesn’t seem like it completely grades with accuracy. My results, for example, were 22
questions answered out of 30 with 21 answered correctly. Because the unanswered
questions were included in the scoring, my accuracy went from a 95.6% to 70%. That is
a very big difference and severely affects the outcome of the test. Again, I’m not familiar
with these tests and scoring, but I think that in order to get accurate results, the score
should be calculated on the questions answered. Another alternative is to increase the
time limit to allow people to finish.
Really, I’m pretty indifferent to whether these types of scores are used to
compare people. In the society we live in now, virtually everything we do is rated and
those scores are used to compare. An employer makes mental notes and grades during
interviews and compares them to find the best candidate just like a baseball or sports
game uses scores to compare which team is better. I also believe that because newer
generations experience those comparisons more often, we are desensitized in, a way,
to being compared. I used to do a lot of online gaming with games like “Call of Duty”
and “Halo” where every player was given a score and ranking based on performance.
During that time, I would actually look forward to being compared so I could see how
good I was. To use intelligence scores like this is not much different. One gets the
chance to see where they stand among everyone else in society.

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