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Prg 210 Week 2 DQ 1.




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Based on the article, "The Road to Our Scripting Future” (Yared, 2007), discuss the relevance of
structured programming techniques in the development of applications for grid computing.
After reading the article, one has to focus on two keywords or phrases: structured
programming and grid computing.
1. I think that the relevance of structured programming techniques for grid
computing lies within the way the design and build of the actual applications are used.
Structured programming is a modular programming such as the use of functions in C# or
the use of procedures in Java and Visual basic. Furthermore, structured programming
enforces a logical structure on a program. In addition, if a program's source code has a
logically structure, free from ambiguity, then it makes it easier to understand and modify.
2. Grid computing is an application of several computers to solve one problem at
the same time. One of the main strategies of Grid computing is to divide and allocate
pieces of a program among several computers in different areas. Also, grid computing
involves calculation in a scattered fashion, which may involve large-scale clustering. The
size of a Grids may vary from being large public collaborations to small network of
workstations within a business.

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