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Prg 210 Week 3 DQ 2




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In the article, "(A Look Back at) GOTO Statement Considered Harmful" (Dijkstra, 2008), the
author reprints a historic letter, originally published in 1968, that criticizes the use of the GOTO
statement in computer programming. Discuss why the author objects to GOTO statements, and
explain why you agree or disagree with his perspective.
In this article I can see why people say programmers talk a language all their own;
furthermore, some of the sentence content made the article hard to read. The author objects to the
"GOTO" statement as "it is too much of an invitation to make a mess of one's program" (Edsger
Dijkstra, 2008). Likewise, the use of the "GOTO" statement makes it difficult to find the status
of the process when the program is halted due to an error. The author also states "we should do
our utmost to shorten the conceptual gap between the static program and the dynamic process, to
make the correspondence between the program...and the trivial as possible" (Edsger
Dijkstra, 2008). The author is pointing out that programming correctly without using the
"GOTO" statement would be a better coding process in the operation of the program and the
programmer would be in more control of the process. He also states the need for independent
coordinates that would describe the progress of the process. I did notice that there was more
criticism of the use of the "GOTO" statement then there was an alternate solution.

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