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Benchmark Major Assignment 3 Excel

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Grand Canyon University
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Major Assignment 3 Excel Grading Sheet Rubric Category (% weighting for assignment) Requirements for full credit You have entered your full name in the field provided. (Note that entering your name on this sheet is required in order to complete the assignment.) You have listed at least 8 budget items total with at least 1 item in each category. You have entered the number of times purchased and purchase amount for each item, and at least 3 items are purchased more than once. Project Budget Your Total Cost for each item is a formula multiplying the number of times purchased by (15%) the purchase amount, using appropriate cell references. Your Subtotal formulas are correct for each of your 4 sections. You have explicitly formatted your Cost Per Purchase, Total Cost, and Subtotal cells to display as Currency with the $ sign and 2 decimal places of precision. (1/2 point each) You have transferred your Subtotals from the Budget to the Summary and Analysis section, using formulas with cell references. Your Budget Total is correctly calculated from your Subtotals as a formula using cell Budget references. Summary and Your Percentage of Total formulas are correctly calculated from the Subtotals and Analysis Budget Total in the Summary section, using cell references. (11%) Subtotal and Budget Total cells are formatted as Currency showing the $ symbol and with 2 decimal places of precision, and percentages are formatted as Percentage with 1 decimal place. Your month and year entries ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.