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House Cleaning Is Made Easy By Poor Person






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House Cleaning Is Made Easy By Poor Person
What you wish to see after you going to outside from the house? What
do you wish to do outside? You are getting out side for rest with your family, you wish to
enjoy with your family, and you wish to make your family happy by getting out side. Then
suddenly if any poor person comes to you ask your food or money, what you will? Probably
you do not have the answer, suggestion is to give them that thing or you can hire them as
house keeper. Rather than giving them money, we wish to show them way to earn, and you
can make house keeper of your house. It will be better if you can give them room to stay and
making them house keeper.
Some of the poor person is really very good enough to win our hearts
and we always thinking that, probably we may do something for them. These people does
need the only encourage for doing work. Just because they are poor or they can’t spend more
money, nobody gives them good job ever. We can hire them as keeper of house and also if
happens we can hire them as baby sitter. The poor person will be really happy to have job of
baby sitter. Some people do not like to give baby to other person who does not belongs to
their family, they cannot make trust on those baby sitter who actually does work for only
money not for the work of baby.
Some poor persons are being good enough that we cannot stay without
them. We always wish them to do our work. And without our house cleaning persons, we
can’t do any work of our own house. we are sometime also counting the house cleaning
person as our family person. These persons are one of the most important people of life, if
they don’t exist, than probably we are finished with the work of whole house. Now there is
the time, if you don’t wish to help poor people by making them good house cleaning person,
it is ok, but do not make fun of them, because they are as talented as you, but they don’t have
the money, they don’t have money to be educated and they don’t have right place to show
their talent. After all we all mankind is same, the difference is just of the money.

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