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House Keepers Are being Robots For House






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House Keepers Are being Robots For House
The entire people of the world believe in showing to others. The people wish
to other, how great they are? How much money they have? The other things like jewelry,
your clothes are just made to show to others. One of the most famous things which are just
made to show is your house. Your house is can be the center of attraction. When the guest
comes to your house, they are first looking at your house, how you decorated the things? how
you are maintaining the things? such as this, people are also looking at your house keeper.
So they also should have some manners to deal with guests. The house keeper should have
respects for the house owner and guest. The house keepers should be perfect in the all house
The keepers of houses are should be working the right time and right day. they
should not leave the work for anything. One of the most important works is as baby sitter. If
the houses have any little baby, the house keeper should also take care of the baby as being
baby sitter. The keepers should do all the work of the house. some of the house owner are
being strict more than enough, they also should remember that the keeper of the house is also
mankind and for earning some money he or she doing this work. As a baby sitter, most the
ladies would do this work, but men can also do this work.
The owner of the house also should show some respect with the house
cleaning person, whether he or she is younger or the elder. House cleaning job is like
working as robot and this is very true sentence. Just because some money, the keeper does the
all work of the house. some keepers also do the multiple jobs as house cleaning person at
multiple houses, just to earn some more money. The keeper of house is doing most difficult
job of the earth. To make earth clean these people are paying themselves. There is big role of
these people on the earth. The people who gives these kinds of job to any person, should
remember this, the person whom they hires is really great person. We all should give respect
to the keepers of the houses whether it is elder or younger. We should give them the money
which deserves to get.

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