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Grantham University - BA340 Human Resource Management




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BA340 Human Resource Management
Module Assignments
Module 1: The Dynamic
Environment of HRM
Discussion Forum: HRM & Strategic Direction
Writing Assignment: History of HRM
Module 2: Employee Rights
Discussion Forum: Global Employment Laws
Short Essay Assessment: Chapters 1-4
Module 3: Human Resources
Discussion Forum: Interviewing
Writing Assignment: Internal Search
Module 4: Socialization and
Development of Employees
Discussion Forum: Cultural Training
Short Essay Assessment: Chapters 5-9
Module 5: Establishing the
Performance Management System
Discussion Forum: Performance Management Systems
Writing Assignment: Job Evaluation
Module 6: Employee Benefits
Discussion Forum: Flexible Benefits
Short Essay Assessment: Chapters 10-13
Module 7: Understanding Labor
Discussion Forum: Unions
Writing Assignment: Legislation
Module 8: Review and Reflection
Discussion Forum: Review & Reflection
Assessment: Final Exam
Week 1
What role does HRM play in the strategic direction of an organization? How does HRM
affect all managers? Do you think HRM is a good practice for organizations? Why or
why not?
We know that a successful organization cannot be formed without the efficient
use of the employees. Human Resource Management involves the management of the
employees who collectively or independently contribute to the strategic objectives of the
company. It helps the managers to understand to how its workforce helps in the working

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on the company and thus they efficiently manage their company. HRM is a good
practice for organizations as this practice helps both the employee and the company in
successful collaboration which can help in the development of the company.
Writing Assignment: History of HRM
Human Resource Management has gone through more changes than a person
could possibly even begin to imagine in the last one hundred years. With advancements
in both technology and the Information highway: Human Resources in an ever changing
world. Each new day brings on a new field of learning. Information Technology impacts
all departments in an organization. That leaves Human Resources to be on top of the
whole thing, they must be the leader in the learning curve.
There is so much to consider when one is speaking of Human Resource
Management. That field is not as simple as it may sound. Human Resources are
complex and deals with so much other than just people. Human Resources deals with
the person as a whole, they deal with the education and the welfare of employees.
They also must communicate with payroll when it the employee advances in pay. They
must coordinate all education and ensure all employees are up to date on new
technologies. Human Resource Management has four basic functions Staffing,
Motivation, Training Development, and Maintenance.
Information Technology has had the biggest impact on Human Resource
Management in the last one hundred years. When technology changes so does the
fundamentals on how work is to be completed. That being said that Human Resource

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Management must implement the new procedures and ensure that all employees are
educated in the new ways and well as being educated on safety of the new procedures.
Human Resource Management has to control all sorts of variables and some of
the potential problems that can arise are but not limited to: Outsourcing or Off Shoring
to third world countries can cause moral to weaken as workers are fearful that they will
lose their jobs. Recession and the economy can also make morale drop as companies
are forced to lay off workers do to lack of demand. Mergers and Acquisitions can
increase Human Resource Management as the department is forced to work as a go
between with the purchasing company as they are able to give first-hand knowledge of
various departments.
There are plenty of external influences that can affect Human Resource
Management on the Dynamic Environment, Laws and Regulations, Labour Unions,
Management thought, and Non-Union Human Resource Department. Dynamic
Environment is simply stated that everything changes on a daily basis. Nothing ever
seems to stay the same. There are so many different variables when it comes to the
dynamics some of the clear reasons are globalization, technology, and diversity in the
workplace, changing skills, decentralized works sites, ethics and employee involvement.
The Laws and Regulations that govern over companies when it comes to
employment are simple they protect the employee in the event like childbirth and
serious illness that the job will still be there when the return with no loss of seniority.
Some companies think that this is a negative effect on the workplace but the federal

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