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Environmental Technology is costly for common man






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Environmental Technology is costly for common man
Today’s common men are being compressed between the family demands and
the costly things. The common men are giving so many efforts to get the things for their
family. There is no doubt the common men forgets themselves too, to satisfy the family
demands. The common man is one of the best people of the earth and everybody must be
proud of those people. Even when the patrol and diesel’s prices are being too high, there is no
doubt that common man can’t buy the new environmental technology. The all people will
agree that the costs of the things are being too high that we are thinking thrice before buying
them. It is very far to buy new environmental technology for any person. The common men
are always searching for cheap affordable things which they can buy easily. So the
environmental technology will cost them costly.
Today’s companies, which are manufacturing the things to sale, they do not
think about the every class of people. They just adopting the new environmental technology
to their manufacturing units and increasing the price of product by saying the material used in
the thing has been costly. The most costly new technology is solar technology, which is very
costly for even the companies. This new environmental technology is costly because the
material from which the cells are being made, they are becoming costly. So we can say that
the technology which has been launched in recent time, it is not costly but cost of the making
the energy is so costly. So this environmental technology is being costly for common men
and the common men cannot afford it until itself be common.
The common men have to wait until the new environmental technology is
being common for the all people. That is why the people are using the older technologies and
satisfying themselves with it. People are wishing to get affordable things not the costly
things. All people wish save the money rather than spending the money on the new
environmental technology. Some people are also being agreed that this technology will save
our money, but the question is what will happen to that money which we will spend on
buying the new environmental technology. Because the costly price will not be attract
towards the new technology. Till the common men will continue searching affordable
technology, which gives them relaxation after buying and not the tension after buy.

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