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GLYCOGENESIS Glycogenesis is the combination of “glyco” which means glycogen and “genesis” which means formation or production. • So glycogenesis is defined as “the synthesis of glycogen from glucose”. • Glycogenesis occur when blood glucose level is high or condition of hyperglycemia. • Glycogenesis occur in liver and skeletal muscles GLYCOGEN • Glycogen is the storage form of glucose. • Glycogen is a branched polymer consisting of linear chains of glucose molecules with an average chain length of approximately 8–12 glucose units. Glucose units are linked together linearly by α(1→4) glycosidic linkage from one glucose to the next. Branches are linked to the chains from which they are branching off by α(1→6) glycosidic linkage between the first glucose of the new branch and a glucose on the stem chain. • Glycogen is stored in the: 1. liver 2. skeletal muscle. • Liver cells can use glycogen to regulate the blood glucose level of the body. This is important because cells such as brain cells depend on glucose for energy. • Our body also depends on glycogen breakdown during periods of rapid activity, such as running. The glucose obtained from glycogen can be used to produce energy under anaerobic activity. • The liver regulates blood glucose levels while skeletal muscle provides the rapid energy needed for sudden and strenuous activity. The glycogenesis pathway/ Steps of glycogenesis The pathway of glycogenesis includes a ...
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