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Pom100 summ asmt 2020 02

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SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT (ASSIGNMENT) SEMESTER 2020 02 SUBJECT PROJECT MANAGEMENT I SUBJECT CODE POM100 DUE DATE 11 NOVEMBER 2020 TIME 15h00 – 21h00 Page 1 of Assignment SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT (ASSIGNMENT) – 2020 SECOND SEMESTER POM100 PROJECT MANAGEMENT I SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT SUBMISSION: TURNITIN INSTRUCTIONS Introduction This summative assessment is compulsory and must be submitted to TURNITIN, inside the corresponding subject Class and on the specified due date. Remember that your final document should consist of the following sections: COVER PAGE: Please include the following information on the first page of the summative assessment: Name, Surname, Student Number and Subject code. You DO NOT have to use the general SBS cover page, simply create your own. BODY: The summative assessment answers must be typed in MS Word format and saved as a PDF document (File > Save As > Save as Type: PDF). Name your completed file accordingly: [STUDENTNUMBER] [SUBJECTCODE] [SURNAME].pdf. For E.g. 21111234 BCU101 Student.pdf). LIST OF REFERENCES: Refer to the Harvard Referencing guide HERE for guidance. IMPORTANT: Ensure that you submit this summative assessment by the due date – please refer to individual examination slip sent to you. Submit this Summative Assessment by logging into TURNITIN with your MySBS account. Turnitin Submission Instructional Video As submitting an assignment to TURNITIN may be a new concept for some students we have created a tutorial video submissi ...
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