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Relationship between food waste diet quality and environmental sustainability

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University of Central Punjab
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Current Trends In Biochemistry ❖Improving diet quality- Reducing environmental impact and achieving sustainable development is the main focus globally. ❖Western diet- High intake of refined carbohydrates, added sugar, sodium, and animal products, and low intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. ❖Food waste- Indicator of sustainability ❖Nitrogen fertilizer- The largest investment of energy ❖Phosphorus fertilizers- Produced by mining finite resources of phosphate rock ❖Pesticides- Linked to public health effects, pesticide resistance in pests, crop losses, bird mortality, groundwater contamination. ❖NHANES- National Center for Health Statistics ❖Collects data on demography, diet, and health behaviors. ❖WWEIA- What We Eat In America, the dietary component of NHANES. ❖FNDDS- Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies, used to disaggregate WWEIA dishes into their component foods. ❖ERS- Economic Research Service, provides estimates of food loss. ❖LAFA- Loss-adjusted Food Availability, provides data on the proportion of purchased food that is inedible. ❖US Foodprint Model- Estimates cropland use associated with user-inputted data on food intake. ❖Embedded computations use data on food losses and waste that occur. Total annual amount of cropland associated with food waste was estimated using the US Foodprint model with 1,000 random, non-replacement draws. ❖The mean overall HEI-2015 score measuring diet quality was 58 out o ...
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