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Coach Cheerleader or There is nothing wrong with being a cheerleader and your coaching style may warrant that but for this topic we are discussing being a BUSINESS COACH Characteristics of the Business Coach 1. A coach and a cheerleader have one thing in common: They both want the team to win. 2. Sadly, when most business leaders hire a business coach, they don't get a coach, they get a cheerleader. The Business Coach Wants her client to succeed in job & Offers routine, safe, and constructive career feedback Has an honest, objective assessment of Praises a clients individual success and each clients skills & motivation. affirms their transformation Teaches practical frameworks Can you be a cheerleader while also being a good business coach? Yes or No Yes, but it's important that you aren't a cheerleader only. Affirm and praise your client but also show them strategies and a framework to achieve their goals. Yes or No While clients like cheerleaders, they like AND respect excellent coaches who have the ability to tell the truth in love. True or False True. Coach each of your clients by teaching them frameworks they can use to succeed. True or False There is nothing wrong with a cheerleader, but being a cheerleader alone is not enough to lead a client to success. - They want each client to succeed in their job and in their career. top 5 What were those characteristics again? - They have an honest, objective assessment of each client's ...
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