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Ccnaquestions routing and switching cisco ccna dump pages 42 62 part3

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Answer: A E Switch Questions Question 1 Which switching method duplicates the first six bytes of a frame before making a switching decision? A. fragment-free switching B. cut-through switching C. store-and-forward switching D. ASIC switching Answer: B Question 2 Refer to the exhibit. Which of these statements correctly describes the state of the switch once the boot process has been completed? A. As FastEthernet0/12 will be the last to come up, it will not be blocked by STP. B. Remote access management of this switch will not be possible without configuration change. C. More VLANs will need to be created for this switch. D. The switch will need a different IOS code in order to support VLANs and STP. Answer: B Question 3 The network administrator normally establishes a Telnet session with the switch from host A. The administrator‟s attempt to establish a connect via Telnet to the switch from host B fails, but pings from host B to other two hosts are successful. What is the issue for this problem? A. Host B and the switch need to be in the same subnet. B. The switch needs an appropriate default gateway assigned. C. The switch interface connected to the router is down. D. Host B need to be assigned an IP address in vlan 1. Answer: B Question 4 The network administrator cannot connect to Switch1 over a Telnet session, although the hosts attached to Switch1 can ping the interface Fa0/0 of the router. Given the information in the graphi ...
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