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Non blood specimens study material

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PMLS 2 – Lecture Final term Lesson # 1 NONBLOOD SPECIMENS       Liquid or semiliquid substances produced by the body and found in the intracellular and interstitial spaces and within organs Involved in obtaining specimens Test administration Instruction Processing  Labeling Transporting Labelling and Handling       Same ID information as blood specimens Include type &/or source of specimen Apply to container, not the lid Familiarity with handling requirements is needed to protect integrity of specimen & ensure accurate test results All body substances are potentially infectious Standard precautions must be observed in handling them Urine    Most frequently analyzed non-blood body fluid Its analysis can aid in:  Providing information on many of body’s major metabolic functions  Monitoring wellness  Diagnosis & treatment of urinary tract infections  Detection & monitoring of metabolic disease  Determining effectiveness or complications of therapy Routine Urinalysis  Most common  Screens for urinary and systemic disorders  Physical examination  Chemical examination  Microscopic examination  Midstream examination  Examined within 2 hours from collection Physical examination of urine      Volume Color Odor pH specific gravity  the refractometer or a reagent strip is used to measure specific gravity Urine Tests      Urine Culture and Sensitivity ? ...
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