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Trematodes summary

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Quick summary Liver flukes Fasciola hepatica Clonorchis sinensis Intestinal flukes Fasciolopsis buski Echinostoma ilocanum Opisthorchis felineus Heterophyes hetetophye Blood flukes Schistosoma japonicum Shistosoma haematobium Schistosoma mansoni Lung flukes Mature eggs (w miradicium) Clonorchis, Opisthorchis, Schistosoma, Heterophyes group Immature eggs (no miracidium) Paragonimius, Fasciola, Echinostoma, Fasciolopsis Paragonimus westermani Order of Lifecyle 1) Eggs 2) Miracidium (mature egg) • 1st larval stage of fluke performs w/cilia • Swims in water, penetrates on 1st IH (snail) 3) Sporocyst 4) Redia stage (1st generation) 5) Cercaria (2nd generation) • Leaves the body of snail thru birth pore 6) Penetrates the 2nd IH (fish, crustaceans) 7) Metacercaria (acquired by ingestion) 8) Definitive host Trematodes has different kinds of larvae • • • • Miracidium Sporocyst/rediae Cercaria/Schistosomolum Metacercaria Note: Schistosoma (2 sporocyst); no redia Echinostoma (2 redial generation); no sporocyst Important species Liver fluke- Clonorchis sinensis Intestinal fluke- Fasciolopsis buski Lung fluke- Paragonimus westermani P.skrjabini Blood fluke: Schistosoma spp. Fasciolopsis buski Info • • • Largest intestinal fluke of humans and pigs Giant intestinal fluke Indistinguishable from F.hepatalica Clonorchis sinensis • • • Liver fluke Parasite of biliary passage Chinese liver fluke 20 to 25 years Opistorchis felineus Cat liver fluke ? ...
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