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Non Renewable Energy Will Last Only Some Hundred Years






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Non Renewable Energy Will Last Only Some Hundred Years
The energy is the main source of our living. The people of the earth take
energy by food for living. Earth’s resources like trees and all takes energy by the sun. The
things which are available in the whole earth, it is depends some or other ways on the energy.
Without energy nothing can be run, without energy earth cannot be run and without energy
people of the earth cannot be run. The earth provides us all kinds of energy and today the
energy we are using is called non renewable energy. These energies called non renewable
energy just because of those are used only single time. These energies are not only used
single time but also these non renewable energy has limited amount of their resource and
some scientist have made calculation that they will last only some hundred years.
If you really cannot believe in your eyes, and your just believing that earth
will produce those energies some or other way, so you are belief is wrong. The non
renewable energy like oil and gas are calculated for limited resources. The oil which we are
using in our vehicles and also we are using eatable oil for our food, and if you will see the
population of the earth is increasing day by day, so we can say that the use of the oil energy is
also increasing day by day. Now it is better to think to fry the food items with new renewable
energy. If you calculate by yourself, the renewable energy is better than older energies.
The people who are regularly using the cars, they have probably known that
how much oil is needed every day of the life. We can say the people are using their half salary
after the oil which non renewable energy and it also makes dirty to our atmosphere. So
people also should know about this and they should accept the new renewable energy for
their routine use. We knows that these new energies are more costly than the older one, but
they will be cheap if we starting to accept that energies. If we will accept these renewable
energy, it will be useful, also can get benefits of our health, and also good for our earth as
they are harmless to the earth. These new energies are just for waiting for the older energies
being empty by the people.

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