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Marine biotechnology - Biotechnology

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University of Central Punjab
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MARINE BIOTECHNOLOGY Introduction To Biotechnology 1 MARINE BIOTECHNOLOGY 2 MARINE BIOTECHNOLOGY Marine biotechnology is the creation of products and processes from marine organisms through the application of biotechnology. 3 MARINE BIOTECHNOLOGY-TOOLS Services Culture Products Marine Living Resources • • • • • • • • • Ecosystem management Basic Research Bioremediation Drugs Biofuel Electricity Food Enzymes Compounds Biotechnology toolbox • • • • • Biodiscovery Molecular biology Nanotechnology Bioinformatics Omics 4 SCHEMATIC DEPICTION OF FUNCTIONAL METAGENOMIC APPROACHES FOR IDENTIFICATION OF NOVEL BIOCATALYSTS Marine environment sample Enrichment culture Alternative Host Extract Metagenomic DNA Clone Library E.coli HTP screen for enzymatic activity 5 Marine Sources and Research Areas Research Area Marine Source Aims Food Algae, Invertebrates, Fish Development of innovative methods, to increase aquaculture production and zero waste recirculation systems Energy Algae Biofuel production, Biorefineries Health Algae, Sponges, Microorganisms To find novel Bioactives Environment Marine Microorganisms Biosensing technology for marine environment monitors and non-toxic antifouling technology Industrial Products Algae Production of marine biopolymers for food, health and cosmetics 6 Enzyme Production APPLICATIONS OF MARINE BIOTECHNOLOGY Aequorin Nori wrapped sushi Alginates Seaweeds 7 MARINE AQUACULTURE AN ...
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