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Introduction to Microbiology

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introduction to microbiology Brief History Definition and Scope Basic Taxonomy Bacterial Cytology Symbiosis Basic Biosafety Reservoir and Transmission Epidemiology and Microbial Control Notes by: I.J Aquino, RMT, MLS (ASCPi); Source: Bailey and Scott's Diagnostic Microbiology Brief History of Microbiology 17th CENTURY ZACHARIAS JANSSEN - used two convex lenses in sequence to magnify an image -forerunner of microscopes FRANCESCO STELLUTI AND GIOVANI FABER - coined the word "microscopio" -means to see small ROBERT HOOKE -viewed a cork under the crude microscope CORK = tiny cubicles = cella = CELLS CELL THEORY: All living things are made up of living cells ANTON VAN LEEUWENHOEK -used the crude microscope to study the cloth he sells -observed water from a marshy lake -made better set of cells to observe his own feces -published his findings through letters to the "Royal Society of London" -determined the shapes of different animalcules (moving organisms) COCCI BACILLI SPONTANEOUS GENERATION (VITALISTS): life depends on a vital force. Nonliving become living organisms. **proof: putrefaction and decay** -from dead meat arises maggots and flies FRANCISCO REDI -disproved the spontaneous generation theory with an experiment with gauze 2 jars with rotten meat inside, one covered with gauze with gauze maggots found inside jar without gauze, then outside with the gauze JOHN NEEDHAM - clergyman that wanted to disprove Francisco Redi -micro-organisms do not grow from e ...
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