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Lecture gp111 03

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GP111 Elementary Thermodynamics Kinetic Theory of Gases and the Ideal Gas Law 1 • Hypothesis • Theory How these concepts are related to each other? • Law 2 Scientific Hypothesis: 1. A proposed answer to a research question 2. A tentative explanation for an observation or phenomena that can be tested through experimentation. 3 Scientific Theory: A general principle supported by a substantial body of evidence offered to provide an explanation of observed facts and as a basis for future discussion or investigation. Lincoln, Boxshall, and Clark (1990) Scientific Law: A scientific law is a description of a natural relationship or principle, often expressed in mathematical terms. 4 L A W (fact) When proven that it always works THEORY When supported over time HYPOTHESIS 5 LAW THEORY • Explanatory principle • Concise, descriptive principle • Based more on inference • Based more on observation • Based on lots of evidence • Based on lots of evidence • Can change w/ new evidence • Can change w/ new evidence (May Become) HYPOTHESIS 6 List examples of scientific theories and laws…. 7 Law Ideal gas law: PV=nRT Describes the relationship between pressure, volume, moles, and temperature of a gas. Law of conservation of matter: First clearly stated by 18th century chemist Antoine Lavoisier, this law describes that in a closed system, matter is neither created or destroyed. Law of superposition: Describes the general principle that ...
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I was struggling with this subject, and this helped me a ton!