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The creation of the dhs

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Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation    Created through integration of federal departments It has created a strong homeland security (Homeland securities, 2014) It confronts external threats.   In November, 2002: President Bush acknowledged the Homeland Security Act as a law. March 1, 2003: there was a transfer of the 22 agencies to form the Department of Homeland Security  Secretarial Memorandums February 17, 2004  July 25, 2005     National Disability Rights Advocates meeting Under Secretaries meeting Selective Placement Coordinators appointment  Americans became concerned about the terrorist activities on their soil.   After 2001 attack Tom Ridge became DHS first director (Homeland securities, 2014). Homeland security act was passed by congress in 2002       Oklahoma City bombing Bombing of United States embassy in Kenya and Tanzania Cold war effects Discovery of an explosive at Atlanta Olympics Terrorism attack in 11th Sep 2001. Series of united states commissions toward the end of 1990.    Presented a risk for nuclear war (U.S Department of State, 2014) American communities held a position for the director of civil defense Support for defense was incorporated in Federal Administration Defense Administration     The April 19, 1995 attack grew a lot of concern for the Americans. The attack was On Alfred Murrah Federal Building. Nearly 168 people were lef ...
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