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Tares evaluative presentation

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TARES Evaluative Presentation BSCOM/460 July29, 2019 Nicole Kragt Introduction  Vodka ad campaign, has sexual appeals.  Express benefit of drinking vodka.  Advances male supremacy.  The ad is unethical Intended Audience  The people with a taste for alcohol.  It gives a perfect view of women body in a bikini.  The woman is seductive  Grabs the attention of the audience Purpose  The product seeks to inform  The woman showcase this power he derives from the beer.  Consumers can obtain power virtually over everything  A sip comes with power. Positive Aspects  The ad attracts an economic benefit.  It influences competitors to strive for better beer  The ad makes the brand visible.  The ad offers free entertainment. Negative Aspect  Encourage consumers to switch to using their brand  The ad exposes youth to drinking alcohol  Contributes to social problems. Ethical Or Unethical?  The ad is unethical in the depiction gender.  It gives men power over women  The woman is used as a symbol of attraction  She derives pleasure in the male viewers  The message is fake TARES Test  T- truthfulness: is not entirely accurate in the real     world. A-authenticity: It is not the right; it attract unintended consumers. R-respect: does not show respect to the viewers E-equity: puts receivers on a different page S-socially responsible: the ad is not socially responsible. Conclusion  Ad ...
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