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Ncert class xi biology notes chapter 1

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NCERT Class XI Biology Unit 1: Diversity In The Living World; Chapter 1: The Living World ➢ Ernst Mayr is known as ‘The Darwin of the 20th century’. ➢ The triple crown of biology: the Balzan Prize, the International Prize for Biology, and the Crafoord Prize. What is living? Each living organism has certain distinctive functions and features that separate it from non-living state such as: Growth ➢ Increase in number of individuals is considered as growth in unicellular organisms. ➢ Increase in body mass is considered as growth in multicellular organisms. ➢ These two are the twin characteristics of growth. ➢ In living organisms, growth is from inside. ➢ Growth exhibited by non-living objects is by accumulation of material on the surface. Reproduction ➢ In multicellular organisms, reproduction refers to the production of off-spring having characteristics more or less similar to those of parents. ➢ In unicellular organisms, reproduction is synonymous with growth, i.e., increase in number of cells. ➢ There are many organisms that do not reproduce (mules, sterile worker bees, infertile human couples, etc). Metabolism ➢ The sum total of all the chemical react ...
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