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Foodborne pathogens bacteria

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University of the Phillippines Los Baños: FST 167 FOOD SAFETY FOODBORNE PATHOGENS BACTERIA Spore Formers: a group of bacteria that can produce spores in response to extreme environment such as high temperatures, pH change, UV radiation, dehydration, and enzymatic destruction Gram reaction Cell shape Oxygen requirement Other pathogenic species Complications of illness Bacillus cereus + Large rods Facultative anaerobe B. mycoides B. pseudomycoides B. thuringiensis B. anthracis Diarrhea I and Emetic type Clostridium botulinum + Rods with peritrichous flagella Anaerobic Strain A, B, E, F (human botulism) Strain C, D (in animal) Strain C, E (in birds) Clostridium perfringens + Rod Anaerobic (but aerotolerant C. perfringens type A (type B, C, D, E) Infant botulism (intestinal I toxemia botulism) Necrotic enteritis or pig-bel disease Non-spore Formers Gram reaction Cell shape Oxygen requirement CampyloEscherichia coli bacter spp. S-shaped rod with polar Rod flagella on both ends Facultative Microaerophilic anaerobe Listeria spp. + Salmonella spp. - Rod with flagella Rod with flagella Facultative anaerobe Facultative anaerobe - Staphylococcus aureus + Rod (nonmotile) Cocci grapelike clusters Shigella spp. Facultative anaerobe Vibrio spp. Curved rod Other pathogenic species C. jejuni C. coli C. fetus EHEC EPEC ETEC EIEC L. monocytogenes with 13 serotypes L. ivanovii Complications of illness Guillain-Barre syndrome Bloody diarrhea, HUS Still births, Sept ...
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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.