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Complete neurologic and orthopaedic conditions spreadsheet 2

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CONDITION Who effect SCHEUERMANN'S DISEASE 11 - 17 year olds Males >females SCOLIOSIS TX REFERRED PAIN MYOCARDIAL ISCHAEMIA Any age, 20-40 yrs Older patients Older pt with increased possibility with increased age Description Infantile - between birth and 3 YOA, Males > females Juvenile - 3 - puberty, progressive Adolescent - puberty - adulthood, males=females Types Symptoms Signs Test / Invest. Management Complications SENILE OSTEPOROSIS >65 years female > male Dull aching occasionally sharp Relieved by lying down, firm pressure and erect spine aggraved by deep inspiration, posture and activities severity of pain related to activity, site and posture sudden onset and offset Refers to spinal and paraspinal lateral chest anterior chest ubsternal iliac crest Pain on bending forward Increased thoracic kyphosis schmorls nodes and wedging in at least 4 segments on xray cannot touch toes Short hamstrings, Hypertonic pecs Rigid Kyphosis sign: pt interlinks fingers behind neck and tries to hyper extend failure to flatten. explanation and reassure SMT and STW Extension exercises Strenthen Tx and Lx extensors Postural correction Stretch/relax pecs and hamstrings avoid sports involving lifting and bending Constricting vice like pain (clenched fist sign) Relieved by rest and GTN Aggravated by exercise, activity, heavy meals, cold, stress and emotion burning gradual onset and offset ill defined backache sudden sharp pains with minimal trauma increased kyphosis local musc ...
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