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Vital signs

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Vital Signs Assessment Dr. Divyajyothi Bpharmacy and pharmd Checking vitals signs : • The first practical skill is to take vital signs of patient. • This helps to give information showing healthcare practitioners about functioning and alert to possible medical conditions. The vitals to check in patient are: 1. Pain 2.Temperature 3.oxygen saturation 4.Heart rate 5.Respiration 6.Blood pressure 1. Pain : • Ask the patient about pain quality and location (if applicable). • Rate the pain from 0 - 10 scale. • 0 = no pain • 10 = worst pain they never have Pain scale : S.NO RATING PAIN SCALE No pain 1. 0 Mild pain (nagging,annoying,interfering little with ADLS) 2. 1-3 Moderate pain (interferes,significantly with ADLS) 3. 4-6 4. Severe pain disabiling ,unable to perform ADLS 7-10 ADLS - Activities Of Daily Living ,This is used in healthcare to refer everyday tasks in life like eating,bathing,toileting,walking etc. 2. TEMPERATURE : • Human body temperature varies depending on sex,time of exertion level, health status (such as illness,menustration ). • Normal human body temperature range is 36.5-37.5 o c (97.7-99.5 o F ). • Temperature can measured with different types of thermometers (digital ,electronic ear ,plastic strip, pacifier,glass and mercury thermometer). There are various sites throughwhich we can measure temperature.They are : SITE used to measure temperature ORAL Through mouth Thermometer is kept under tongue and keep it in mout ...
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