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Lecture 4 bjt high frequency response

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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MINDANAO Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) High Frequency Response Geraldo P. Ulep Professional Electronics Engineer Subject Professor College of Engineering and Information Technology Department of Electronics Engineering Topic Outline • Hybrid equivalent circuit • Hybrid parameter variation • BJT and FET, all possible circuits Intended Learning Outcomes • (CO1) Review the basic electronics learned in Electronics 1 • (CO2) Analyze different circuits and models at high frequency • (CO3) Analyze and solve transistor circuit problems General Frequency Considerations The frequency response of an amplifier refers to the frequency range in which the amplifier will operate with negligible effects from capacitors and device internal capacitance. This range of frequencies can be called the mid-range • At frequencies above and below the midrange, capacitance and any inductance will affect the gain of the amplifier. • At low frequencies the coupling and bypass capacitors lower the gain. • At high frequencies stray capacitances associated with the active device lower the gain. • Also, cascading amplifiers limits the gain at high and low frequencies. Solve 20 Problems, Chapter _____ pages ________, Electronics Devoices and Circuit Theory, by: Boylestad, Deadline of submission will be on the third week of April 2021 Submit to E-group, Folder filename should be your complete name. e.g name/assignment 1 References • https:// ...
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