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Today Non Renewable Energy being More Costly






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Today Non Renewable Energy being More Costly
Today the earth being heavier just because of the population of the people is
increasing day by day. The one of survey says that there is forty babies are being born every
second of the earth. So it is obvious that the requirements of the people are more increasing
every day. This is why the prices of things also are being increased by the companies. The
other reason is we are also emptying the resources of the earth, and that is why the prices of
the things are going high, because the people are using the non renewable energy of the
earth. The coal is the one of the non renewable energy that is being used for the years. These
non renewable energy has limited resource as we have limited tress remained on the earth.
A person is being aware of these energies and understands that it will last only
some years. Some of the people are using the non renewable energy unlimited, just because
of their requirements. People are increasing the people and also increasing the demands of the
people. That is why we can say that they are emptying the non renewable energy every day.
These days the people are increasing their own demands to get the more facility to live their
life. To get the more facility people are demanding more non renewable energy. In that top
of the list oil is most required energy for the people. Oil is required for transportation of the
The energies are being used by all of the mankind. The non renewable energy
is known as the limited resources, and it will be really empty after some years. People should
think about getting new energies and must be accepted before it is empty. The scientists are
already doing research on the latest renewable energy and it is sure that these energies will
be in the market within some years. But before the new energy is being launched to the
market we have to suffer with the non renewable energy. Suffer in the manner that it harms
the body of us to the earth also. Because of these old energies the ozone layer of the earth is
being weaker everyday and if the sun ray breaks the ozone layer, we will surely not survive
by our new energy’s rays, which is the cheapest and newest energy for the people of whole

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