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Research Poster Guidance

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Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology Research Poster Guidance Overview 1. Introduction to your third and final assignment for this module: A Research Poster 2. How to design a research poster 3. Theme and data for your research poster Final Assignment: Research Poster Methods Of Presenting Your Work There are many ways to present your research These often depend on the audience you want to reach Manuscript Conference Abstract Oral Presentation Scientific Poster Presenting at Scientific Poster Sessions Purpose Of A Poster Presentation Present your entire research study Only present the main components and details One, easy to read page that can be read by multiple people in 5-10 minutes Your Poster Your Research Poster You will submit: • An Observational Research Poster Your Research Poster You will be given data in a 2x2 contingency table This data has already been analysed using a Chi-Square Test No need to do analyses in SPSS! Can create bar chart and graphs though – will help your grade You must present this study in poster format Software For Creating Your Poster Microsoft Powerpoint: Quickest and easiest Other programs Adobe Illustrator Inkscape Topic For Your Poster: Social Media Use and Mental Health Topic For Your Research Poster Social Media Use: 91% of 16-24 year olds use social media Social media use can have huge benefits for society But – it can also have negative benefits (Royal Society for public Health, 2017 ...
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