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Vector Borne Diseases

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Vector-Borne Disease Primary Examples INTRODUCTION V ector-borne infections, diseases caused by pathogens transmitted by insects and ticks, have long impacted human affairs. Alexander the Great, conqueror of many nations, was vanquished by the bite of a tiny mosquito bearing malaria parasites in the marshes of what is now called Iraq. The Black Death, decimator of Europe, killer of tens of millions worldwide is the work of a tiny flea vectoring the bacilli that cause bubonic plague from rats to people. Vector-borne infections remain influential to this day, filling the hospitals of sub-Saharan Africa with malaria victims, suppressing the economies of nations and interrupting industrial operations where it remains endemic. Some less common agents cause blindness and horrible disfigurement. Together they form a fearsome array of potential threats to the health and livelihood of those who visit, work, or live in the tropics where they exert their greatest impact. 1 Vector-Borne Infections – Primary Examples Companies working in emerging markets face a unique set of challenges. One such challenge is keeping employees and contractors safe from life-threatening vector-borne diseases. Business leaders and managers are often instinctively aware of these threats but uncertain of the means and measures that must be taken to assess the risks and impact of vector-borne diseases on the workforce. An integrated vector control program that involves assessment, ongoing surveillance ...
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