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Five Qualitative Data Collection Methods 1 Questions: What is qualitative data? What is qualitative analysis? 2 Methods covered today 1. Interviews 2. Focus groups 3. Open-ended questionnaires 4. Diary studies 5. Think aloud 3 1 Interviews 4 Interview types • Structured Interviews – Exactly the same set of questions asked to all participants – Exploring a fixed topic in a non-exploratory well; interviews as an assessment tool (often quantified) • Semi-Structured Interviews – The same topic areas covered in each interview but there is flexibility in how the questions covered, and in what order • Ethnographic Interviews – Conducted in situ, along with observation 5 Most popular in qualitative psychology Semi-structured interviews Good for digging into the ‘hidden side’ of people’s lives 6 2 Interview phases • Phase 1 – pre-interview rapport building • Phase 2a – In interview: warming up • Phase 2b – In interview: in-the-flow • Phase 3 – Post-interview wrapping up 7 8 interviewing skills 1. Organising the interview and participant 2. Rapport building 3. Question phrasing • Open questions, one at a time 4. Focused listening • Picking out the most interesting part of the answer 5. Probing • Digging into responses 6. Non-verbal language 7. Time management 8. Handling digressions 8 Probes • • • • • What do you mean by x? Why do you think x? How did x make you feel? Could you tell me more about x? You men ...
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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.