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I gel Versus LMA Fastrach Supraglottic Airway 23

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I-gel™ Versus LMA-Fastrach™ Supraglottic Airway for Flexible Bronchoscope-Guided Tracheal Intubation Using a Parker (GlideRite™) Endotracheal Tube: A Randomized Controlled Trial Alex Moore, MD,* Felix Gregoire-Bertrand, MD, FRCPC,* Nathalie Massicotte, MD, FRCPC,* Alain Gauthier, MD, FRCPC,* Alexandre Lallo, MD, FRCPC,* Monique Ruel, RN, CCRP,* Alexandre Todorov, PhD,† and Francois Girard, MD, FRCPC* BACKGROUND: The I-gel™ (IG) supraglottic airway device is a reliable way to establish an airway. Its large ventilation lumen allows for easy passage of an endotracheal tube. With the use of a flexible bronchoscope, the IG offers a good visualization of the laryngeal inlet. This prospective randomized study aims to compare the success rate of flexible bronchoscope-guided tracheal intubation using either the IG or the LMA-Fastrach™ (FT) laryngeal masks. METHODS: One hundred twenty patients requiring general anesthesia were randomized to 1 of the 2 study groups: IG or FT. After anesthesia induction, the assigned laryngeal mask was inserted to obtain adequate ventilation. We then proceeded to a flexible bronchoscope-guided intubation through the supraglottic device. Tracheal intubation and laryngeal mask insertion success rates were noted, as well as the time required for these manipulations. The view of the laryngeal inlet was graded for each intubation attempt. RESULTS: Sixty patients were assigned to each study group. The intubation success rates were similar between t ...
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