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Survey for discrimination at shopping

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OMBUDSMAN FOR MINORITIES 2014 SUMMARY BEING DIFFERENT IN EVERYDAY LIFE – SURVEY ON ROMA’S EXPERIENCES OF DISCRIMINATION BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE OF THE SURVEY The survey was a response to the need for more data on discrimination experienced by Roma and for comparative data on their experiences of discrimination in relation to similar experiences among other ethnic minority groups in Finland. For this reason, some of the questions are the same as those in the EU-MIDIS Survey (European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey) conducted by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), which surveyed experiences of discrimination among Russian speakers and people of Somali background in Finland. Better data will enable us to intervene more effectively in cases of discrimination experienced by Roma and to improve their position within society on a broader basis than before. Housing was selected as a survey theme, because Roma contact the Ombudsman for Minorities most actively in cases of suspected discrimination in housing. In housing, the Roma culture also has certain distinctive aspects which are challenging with respect to the Ombudsman's work. The survey also charts Roma's experiences of discrimination in working life. The Ombudsman for Minorities is not empowered to supervise the prohibition of discrimination in this field, but improved data on the issue will enable the Ombudsman to become more effective at the task of promoting equality. The third theme was ...
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