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28/11/2019 Thematic analysis 1 Agenda for today • • • • • • Thematic analysis in a nutshell What kinds of research questions can thematic analysis deal with? Key concepts, including inductive vs deductive analysis The 6-stage process of thematic analysis Having a go at thematic analysis 7 things to consider when supervising a student thematic analysis project 2 Thematic analysis in a nutshell • What is the fundamental aim? To understand the nature of a psychological phenomenon that can be talked about or written about • Achieving this aim involves phrasing the right kind of research question • How do achieve this aim? Collate a sample of texts, and through a set series of analytical phases, group the contents of the texts into a series of common themes, and link these findings to an existing body of theory • What kinds of texts can be thematically analysed? Transcripts of interviews, comments from an online forum, brief written vignettes, written advertisements Then do this for multiple texts (e.g. a series of interviews) and compare themes in each one, to derive a common set of themes 3 1 28/11/2019 How to devise a thematic analysis research question 4 In quantitative research • The researcher generally aims to look at • Continuous or curvilinear relationships between variables • Differences in the frequency/amount of variables across groups • The variables in question have already been operationalised, in other words, the nature of ...
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