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REVISED Main Dissertation 17 12 2018

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1 ABSTRACT BACKGROUND Supraglottic airways (SGAs) are a group of airway devices that can be inserted into the pharynx to allow ventilation, oxygenation, and administration of anesthetic gases, without the need for endotracheal intubation. Supraglottic devices commonly used in Pakistan by Anaesthetists include the ProSeal Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA), I-Gel by Inter-surgical and a newly introduced device, the I-Gel Plus. Different supraglottic devices have different characteristics. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to compare the frequency correct placement of device in I-gel plus versus I-Gel in male patients undergoing lower abdominal surgery. 2 DURATION OF STUDY Study period was 6 months after the approval of synopsis: January 2018 to June 2018 STUDY DESIGN Randomized Controlled Trial METHODOLOGY After taking approval from hospital ethical committee, and written informed consent, patients fulfilling inclusion criteria were included. Before the start of study 53 paper slips marked “I Gel Plus” and another 53 marked “I-gel” were placed in 106 plane unmarked envelopes and shuffled for randomization, and labelled as group A for “I Gel Plus” and group B for “I-gel”. The supraglottic airway devices having equal or greater than 50% glottises opening (i.e. Grade 1 or 2 on POGO score) on 1st attempt were taken as correct placement of the device. 3 RESULTS The mean age of the patients in the I-gel group was 36.92 years with a standar ...
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