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InTech Anesthetic management of abdominal surgery

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Chapter 2 Anesthetic Management of Abdominal Surgery Aysin Alagol Additional information is available at the end of the chapter 1. Introduction General or regional anesthesia can be appropriate for patients undergoing abdominal surgery. In common practice, balanced anesthesia with inhalational anesthetics, opioids and neuromuscular blockers are used in general anesthesia for abdominal surgical procedures. Endotracheal intubation as well as Laryngeal Mask Airway can be used for airway control. Regional anesthesia, mainly central blocks, can be used either as a sole anesthetic technique or combined with general anesthesia. Effective sedation is indicated when regional techniques were used alone. There are few absolute contraindications of spinal and epidural anesthesia including patient refusal and raised intracranial pressure. Relative contraindications are administration of anticoagulants, skin or tissue infections at the proposed site of needle insertion, severe hypovolemia and lack of anesthesiogist’s experience. Postoperative headache after spinal may make epidural technique preferred, or, duration of the surgical procedure may be so short that spinal anesthesia may be more practical than epidural, need for prolonged postoperative analgesia makes catheter technique preferred than single-shot technique, etc. (1). 2. Problems associated with abdominal surgery Pulmonary function is impaired after abdominal surgery more severely than after ...
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