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WA 1 Adventures in Babysitting SP 2018

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Adventures in Babysitting Writing Assignment 1: Spring 2018 Put yourself into the following scenario: Your cousin has asked a favor of you. She needs to run to the store in preparation for her kids’ upcoming school recital. You have decided to help your cousin. You have been asked to babysit for “The Twins.” Read the following scenario, then answer the questions in paper format. Your paper should have an introduction and conclusion and your answers to the question prompts below should be organized in complete sentences and complete paragraphs in the body of the essay. You have been asked to watch your cousin’s children for half an hour while she goes to the store and picks up some items to complete costumes for her children’s upcoming school recital. You and your cousin are close and you have known her since you two were very young. You promise to take care of the children at her home while she is gone. Hank and Hope are five years old and still require a good amount of adult supervision. You have known the children since they were babies but have never watched them alone before. Hank is larger in size and looks older than his twin sister. He outweighs her and is about an inch or two taller. Hank is shy and tends to be more of an introvert, letting his sister do most of the talking. He is currently into dinosaurs and often pretends to be one. Hope, however, is very talkative and is clearly an extrovert. Hope loves kittens and pretends to be a cat often. Hank and Hop ...
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