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Definition of respect of care barazil

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Journal of Human Growth and Development Abuse and disrespect in childbirth care as a public health issue in Brazil: origins, definitions, impacts on maternal health, and proposals... 2015; 25(3): 377-384 Journal of Human Growth and Development, 2015; 25(3): 377-384 ORIGINAL RESEARCH ABUSE AND DISRESPECT IN CHILDBIRTH CARE AS A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE IN BRAZIL: ORIGINS, DEFINITIONS, IMPACTS ON MATERNAL HEALTH, AND PROPOSALS FOR ITS PREVENTION Simone Grilo Diniz1, Heloisa de Oliveira Salgado1, Halana Faria de Aguiar Andrezzo1, Paula Galdino Cardin de Carvalho1, Priscila Cavalcanti Albuquerque Carvalho1 , Cláudia de Azevedo Aguiar1, Denise Yoshie Niy1 DOI: Abstract Disrespect and abuse (in Brazil called obstetric violence), described by different terms, is increasingly used in social activism, in academic research and public policy formulation, and was recently recognized as a public health issue by the World Health Organization. As an innovative theme, it requires a mapping its origins, definitions, typology, impacts on maternal health and proposals for its preventing and remedy. We present a critical-narrative review about this issue, including academic literature, productions of social movements and institutional documents, in Brazil and internationally. After a short historical overview, we map the definitions and types of violence. The complex causation of these forms of violence is discussed, including the role of professional train ...
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Just what I was looking for! Super helpful.