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Sample TA (Thematic Analysis) of Lance Armstrong Transcript

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Sample Thematic Analysis Below is a sample TA of Extract B from the Winfrey/Armstrong Interview, to answer the research question: “What is Lance Armstrong’s experience of taking illegal substances as a professional roadracing cyclist?” This is to give you an idea of how you might analyse this data with TA. These are the stages that were followed: Analytic stage of TA 1 Become familiar with the data (the interview transcript) by reading it in a detailed manner several times and identify items of potential interest (make notes) 2 Generate initial codes 3 Search for themes (cluster similar codes together) 4 Review potential themes 5 Define and name themes & identify support quotes 6 Write up analysis Examine the initial notes (1) and codes (2) for accuracy and clarity. EXTRACT B: From 0.37-2.12 - on this video - 1: Initial notes Top rider but not team leader – road leader but does not in charge 2: Codes B1 B2 OW Were you the one in charge? LA Eh:::, well I was- I was the top rider, I wasn’t the leader of the team. Latent: Clarifying his position in the team Clarifying his position. Not running the team or giving out orders Prominent rider in the team but not in charge. B3 I wasn’t the manager, the general manager, the director, the di di di. Clarifying his position - is di di di ‘director sportif’? Not part of the team management Latent: Clarifying his role in the team B4 Relational, relative, can have some ...
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