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My friend’s case study

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Final Case Study 1) Name 5 potential ethical dilemmas and how the EMS professional handled them? A- One of ethical issues related to the process before medical interventions such as stigmatization: Stigmatization in prehospital settings occurs in relation to individuals' diseases, locations, and the social or cultural criticism that may accompany them. However, in this case they were Treating the patient as just a patient when the class/social status is below the normal standard. Those EMS providers were very professional and just administered the required care. They even respected the patient’s wishes and made sure they did not let out the patient’s cats. They considered that this patient didn’t have much of anything and that the cats were important to her. B- Administering a level of consistent care to the patient to the even though she has defied previous medical advice and continued to abuse alcohol. They sis not act in a surprised manner when the patient admitted to drinking and not taking any medications for her pancreas issues. C- Some ethical issues which are related to the treatment process such as dealing with difficult patients. The term “difficult patient” refers to two meanings here: those who are intoxicated (by alcohol or drugs), or those who are terrified, obstinate, or agitated. In this case the patient illustrated a level of anxiety and possibility of mental illness. They again acted in a professional manner and assured the patient there was nothin ...
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