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MAN5410 Assignment 2017 S2

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Schedule of assignment submissions for MAN5410: Project Integration and Procurement Management Semester 2, 2017 Assessment details Assessment Date (due) Marks/Weighting Assignment 1: Individual, Case study 23:59 PM, Sunday, 35% 10 September 2017 Assignment 2: Group, Procurement integration 23:59 PM, Sunday, 30% 8 October 2017 Assignment 3: Individual, Project procurement 23:59 PM, Sunday, 35% 5 November 2017 Assignment 1: Case Analysis (Individual Assignment) 35% of your semester mark Due: 10 September 2017 The electricity supply market is changing globally. In Australia, with the rapid uptake of personal solar generation options, this is proving to have a huge impact on the entire generation and distribution industry. In the past, procurement by power companies was heavily focused on large capital, often project-based acquisitions (power plants and power distribution grids), maintenance and fuel. These represented large investments of cash and resources over many years. Now however, individuals are providing large amounts of power themselves, which has reduced the utilisation and viability of company investments, and requires a different approach into the future. When ...
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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.