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Fall 2017 Syllabus

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EMS Program Planning & Evaluation H EDU 4950 * Fall 2017 Les Chatelain Annex 2066 (801) 581-4512 Course Description One of the key differences between EMS professionals with a Bachelors Degree and those without is the ability to plan, manage and evaluate programs whether they are related to prevention, public education, services, or continuing education. This class covers the skills of needs assessment, program planning, implementation and evaluation and relates those skills to the EMS profession. Objectives Upon completion of this class, students should be able to: Conduct a quality needs assessment of clients, stakeholders and their agency. Write, administer and analyze surveys and focus groups. Plan EMS related programs. Design efficient implementation plans for new programs. Conduct process, impact and outcome evaluations of EMS programs. Reading CDC Framework for Program Evaluation (Canvas) Readings and web links on Canvas Ground Rules This class assumes that you have been through this information before. You are responsible to learn the content. You have access to your notes from a previous class, online “lectures” for this class, and the CDC Fra ...
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