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Pakistan Oral & Dent. Jr. 25 (1) June 2005 ORTHODONTICS PROPORTIONS OF ORAL CLEFTS IN PATIENTS VISITING THE CLEFT CENTER OF CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL AND INSTITUTE OF CHILD HEALTH LAHORE: A FIVE YEAR STUDY (2000 - 2005) *ABIDA IJAZ, BDS, D.ORTH, MCPS, MS, FPFA **ARSALAH RAFFAT, BDS, FCPS II Trainee **JUNAID ISRAR, BDS, BSc, FCPS II Trainee ABSTRACT The objective of the study was to identify proportions of oral clefts in patients visiting Children's Hospital /Institute of Child Health, Lahore during five year period from 24-01-2000 to 24-01-2005. This observational descriptive study included 128 subjects comprising 72 males and 56 females. Age of these patients ranged from one day old to 13 years. The method used for this study was Kernahan modified double 'Y' with numeric coding system. A Total of 24 combinations were used to describe all types of clefts. The data was analyzed in SPSS 10 statistical package. Out of the whole sample size an increased number of male subjects (72) were examined as compared to female subjects (56). The most common finding of this study was complete bilateral clefts affecting 54 patients (42.2%). The next common type was complete unilateral cleft of the lip and palate, occurring in 27 patients (21%). Among these, clefts involving left side were more common and were seen in 19 patients (14.8%). An unusual finding of this study was complete unilateral and partial clefts of the opposite side. Increased number of complete bilateral cleft of the lip and pa ...
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