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Screening Neural tubes

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J Med Screen 2000;7:169–174 169 Original papers Prenatal Diagnosis Service, Women’s Centre, Level 2, Oxford RadcliVe Hospital, Headington, Oxford OX3 9DU, UK PA Boyd, Clinical Geneticist WANDA, Wessex Genetics Service, Southampton, UK D G Wellesley, Clinical Geneticist Department of Human Genetics, University of Groningen, Ant. Deuslinglaan 4, NL-9713 AW Groningen, the Netherlands H E K De Walle, Epidemiologist Genetica Clinica & Epidemiologica, Dip Pediatra, Via Giustiani 3, I-35128 Padova, Italy R Tenconi, Clinical Geneticist M Clementi, Clinical Geneticist RACAV, Clinica Materno-Infantil, Hospital de Cruces, E-48903 Baracaldo (Vizcaya), Spain S Garcia-Minaur, Clinical Geneticist GGD Rotterdam, Postbus 70032, 3000 LP Rotterdam, the Netherlands G R J Zandwijken, Epidemiologist Service de Genetique Medicale, Hopital de Hautepierre, Ave Moliere, 67098 Strasbourg Cedex, France C Stoll, Clinical Geneticist Correspondence to: Dr Boyd Accepted for publication 6 September 2000 Evaluation of the prenatal diagnosis of neural tube defects by fetal ultrasonographic examination in diVerent centres across Europe P A Boyd, D G Wellesley, H E K De Walle, R Tenconi, S Garcia-Minaur, G R J Zandwijken , C Stoll, M Clementi Abstract Objective—Evaluation of prenatal diagnosis of neural tube defects by ultrasound examination in unselected populations across Europe. Setting—Prenatal ultrasound units in areas that report to contributing congenital malformation ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.